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PBJ at 15

Today is the 15th anniversary of Professor Barnhardt’s Journal. It’s more of a blog now but we used to have original essays and stories and interviews. Maybe we’ll get back to that at some point. Anyway, I thought I’d link to some of my favorite pieces and posts over the years.

Why I Write – the first issue, with Roger Ebert, Lawrence Block, TC Boyle, & others
Lab Results: Love Potions One Through Eight, by Adam Finley
Guilty Pleasure: Unemployment, by Adam Finley
Two Writers Drinking, by Will Leitch and Bob Sassone
Rod Serling, by Jonathan Lethem
Words of Wisdom, by Bruce Campbell, Michael J. Nelson, Laura Miller, & others
Death Rat!, by Michael J. Nelson
Dispatches From An Embedded Office Worker, by Joe Lavin
The Ghost of Toto, by Tod Goldberg
Do Not Try This At Home, by Ken Levine
Wife, by Bob Sassone
Kevin Gilbert: 20 Years Later, by Bob Sassone
Design For Dying, by Renee Patrick
Smith Street, by Will Leitch

That’s just a small sampling. There’s more in the archives on the right!


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