Superman v Batman: The Saturday Morning of Justice

Everyone at Comic-Con is talking about (among many things) the new Superman v. Batman: The Dawn of Justice movie. But did you know that Superman and Batman met in a live-action show in the 70s?

Comics-X-Aminer has a great post about the ABC special from 1973, Saturday Morning Sneak Peek. It’s really a surreal mixture of stars and characters. It’s hosted by Burns & Schreiber, there are appearances by Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear and Lassie, and then Rick Springfield pops in (literally), dressed all in white. Superman is played by…well, you’ll see.

I used to live for Saturday morning TV, like a lot of kids in the 70s. But I remember getting the TV Guide and really planning out the fall premieres for all the Saturday morning shows. I’d go to bed early the night before, get up at 6am and make toast and tea and plant myself in front of the television for the entire morning. I have a feeling most kids don’t do that these days. Not as much on now, and if a kid is in front of a TV early on a Saturday they probably have a game controller in their hand.

[thanks to Ken Hommel for the tip!]


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