Monday Random Links

A bunch of links to start off your week:

  • Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops?, the new 70s and 80s pop culture book by Gael Fashingbauer and Brian Bellmont, has been released. It’s a really fun read. (Also check out their site, Gen X-tinct.)
  • Elvis Costello and his band perform “Purple Rain.”
  • Made a cake? Top it with some cola frosting.
  • Don Diamond, who played Crazy Cat on F Troop, has died.
  • Vintage Crime/Black Lizard has launched a new site, The Weekly Lizard.
  • Jetpack Mailmen is a great idea for an animated TV show.
  • Speaking of men with jetpacks on their backs, animator John Banana has made a great short film based on The Rocketeer.

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