One Dumb New Product (And One Great One)

Saw these at the store last week and had to buy them:

The problem? You really can’t have chips shaped like anything. 90% of the chips in this bag are either broken or crushed into dust, which means they don’t resemble footballs at all. And the 10% that actually survive from the factory intact don’t look like footballs either. They’re just giant, kinda-oval shaped tortilla chips.

If you were to poll people on what these things are supposed to be, they’d probably say “the soles of shoes?” Or maybe they’d say “um, tortilla chips?”

But here’s a new product that’s brilliant:


I often break up my spaghetti like this, especially if I’m making a pasta dish that includes chicken or meat. It’s a nice change in texture from long spaghetti, and you can do more with it. It’s also great for chicken noodle soup. I wonder why it took someone so long to do this?


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