In Defense Of Burger King’s Pizza Burger

You’ve probably heard about Burger King’s new Pizza Burger, the new fast food creation that’s actually a giant cheeseburger in the round shape of a pizza, with each “slice” being a separate cheeseburger (with pepperoni and pesto too) on a sesame seed bun. Everyone agrees it looks delicious and gross at the same time, and everyone seems to be focusing on the fact that it’s 2500 calories and 144 grams of fat.

And to that I say…so what?

Why does everyone assume that the people who buy this are going to eat the whole thing themselves? When your mom puts a whole turkey down at the table on Thanksgiving do you say “oh, that’s way too many calories?” Of course not (and turkey is “good for you”). The turkey is meant to be shared by the whole family. And so is the Pizza Burger.

I mean, if you ordered a Cobb Salad the size of Lexus it would be bad for you too. Look at it this way: it’s like ordering six separate cheeseburgers. If you did that, no one would assume you were going to eat all of them yourself, right?

Now, I know some people can order an entire large pepperoni pizza and eat the whole thing themselves (I like to call those people “me”), but they’re not exactly designed to be eaten that way. I think the fact that everyone looks at the picture of the Pizza Burger and automatically assumes it’s too many calories and too much fat for one person is probably revealing more about their eating habits and/or desires than they intended.

And it’s not as if I’m saying that even having just a couple of slices is “good for you,” but I don’t see it as being as bad as everyone is saying, and it’s certainly not that much worse than having a few slices of pizza or a a couple of cheeseburgers with a bag of chips or one of the value meals with fries and a giant Coke. People are looking at it as oh my God it’s a big cheeseburger shaped like a pizza without really thinking about all of the other foods they eat every day.

So, if you order the Pizza Burger with the intention of eating it yourself, yes, it’s bad for you and you’re probably going to die before you can reach for the phone to dial 911. But if you’re buying it to eat with a friend or two, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Besides, look at it! It’s a giant burger in the shape of a pizza! I love this country.


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