David Barringer, Part 5

Stat Box:

Birthdate/Birthplace: September 6, 1969 – Chicago
Family: Married with 2 Children; 2 brothers
Favorite TV Shows/Films/Music: The Wire/Robin Williams Live/Smashing Pumpkins
Favorite Food: Homemade Bread
Favorite Drink: Coffee a.m., Banana Smoothie noon, Bell's Oberon p.m.
Favorite Place to Vacation: Island Beach
Dream Car: Jetpack
Favorite Cereal: Homemade Cranberry Granola with Pistacios
If I Wasn't A Designer/Writer I'd Be: a manic-depressive.
Best Advice I Ever Received: If I did not achieve great things, I died in their pursuit.
And the Worst: Make sure you have a career to fall back on.
Five Items In My Glove Compartment Right Now: Leatherman, random CDs, tire gauge, crumpled Google Map printout, car guide.
I'd Make A Great James Bond because: I wear suits well, and I'm taller than any supermodel.
My Idea Of Sexy:
there's that moment when two people know it's go time, there's no um,
ah, well, if, but, maybe–it's just yes and now. It can be long and slow
like a sea expedition or quick and intense like sprinting in place. But
it's that connection that seals off the rest of the world and turns
solo lust into a sexy duet.
Mac or PC? Originally Mac from IIc to Powerbook, now PC because of work.
Leno or Letterman? Jon Stewart.
Paper or plastic? Plastic. I have a dog.

For more on David, check out his web site and buy his books!


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