PBJ Celebrates Five Years!

Yup, that’s right, somehow we’ve made it to five years.

I’m rather proud of that. When so many other web zines and blogs fade away
after a few years, this is still going strong. Though I guess it’s easy to go strong when you only update a couple of times a month (that’s going to change, I swear).

I started this magazine on Oct 1, 2002. Back then it was more of a web magazine, not like the blog format it has now. But I sometimes dread calling it a blog, since I changed it to a blog not just because formatting and archiving was a lot easier, but because even a blog is a good format for a regular magazine, and I hope you’ve noticed that beyond the quick links and newsy bits there are
still essays, humor, and short fiction.

Take a look at the first issue. We started with some pretty big names (Roger Ebert, TC Boyle, Lawrence Block, and many others). That first issue is still one of my favorites.

I’ve been wondering how to celebrate this anniversary. Should I ask those
contributors to write something else, sort of a “five years later” type thing? Should I throw a party to celebrate? I think I came up with an even better idea. I’m sure you heard that my good friend and fellow TV Squad writer Adam Finley passed away recently at age 30. Adam and I had been discussing how we should celebrate PBJ’s five years, and now since he’s not here to celebrate,
I’ve decided to run a “best of” of Adam’s stuff that he wrote for PBJ over the past five years. Each day this week I’ll put up a piece that Adam wrote. If you knew Adam’s work this will be a great reminder of what a talent he was, and if you’re reading his work for the first time, enjoy.

The first piece will be up later this afternoon.

Thanks for being loyal readers all these years, and there’s still more good stuff to come.



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