Magic Secrets Revealed: Guess The Card

by Adam Finley

What you'll need:

Deck of cards

Present a full
deck of playing cards to someone. Have them shuffle the cards and hand
them back to you. Fan the cards face down in your hands and have them
pick one without showing it to you. Place the rest of the cards on the
table face down and begin to run your hands over them, telling the
person you actually have the ability to sense which card is missing.
While they're distracted by your speech and the movement of your hand,
use your other hand to pull the spoon from your pocket. Grab the subject
by the hair and ram the spoon into their eye socket, twisting it behind
the eyeball in order to sever the optic nerve and remove the eye from
the skull. Tell your subject if they don't tell you which card they
picked you'll take their other eye, too.


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