Magic Secrets Revealed: Sawing In Half Trick

by Adam Finley

What you'll need:

Wooden box
A woman
Cordless screw driver
A small servo motor hooked to two steel rods via a pulley system

have the woman crawl inside the box. She may have to contort her body
to fit inside. Most magicians like to have the head sticking out of one
end while the feet protrude from the other, but using a regular box is
more economical. Once the woman is sealed inside the box, wheel it on to
the stage and announce to your audience that a woman is inside the box
and you plan to saw her in half. Have the woman open the box and wave to
the crowd. Tuck her back inside the box and secure the lid using
three-inch zinc-plated wood screws.

Begin sawing the box,
starting off with small strokes and working faster as the teeth of the
saw gain a firm grip on the wood. Once you've sawed through everything,
turn the halves so the openings on each end are facing you. There will
be a lot of blood, so you'll need to work quickly. Using your scalpel,
slice both of the woman's arms open lengthwise and also carve a half
circle on the back of her skull. Slip the servo motor into the back of
her head and place the hinged rods inside her arms. Connect the motor to
the rods and flip the motor on. The motor should cause her arms to
flail up and down as if waving, which is your cue to pull her out of the
box just enough for the audience to see she's ostensibly okay. If the
motor in her brain causes any awkward facial expressions or drooling,
that's fine, as it will distract from the buzzing flies and pool of
blood on the stage.


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