Your Barf: For Sale

by Brian Lewandowski

This is not as brilliant as it sounds: U.S. Airways Barf Bags To Carry Ads.

we all have puked at different times in our lives and all too often we
do not have good memories of doing so. As a kid I went to a maple syrup
farm and ate maple things all day until… you guessed it… I puked.
For years, I could not eat anything maple nor smell it. I avoided
Vermont completely. So I am pretty sure that if I am spewing my innards
out at 50,000 feet, whoever's name is on my barf bag will certainly
trigger bad memories.

“Sorry Mr. Campbell. Bad place for that ad. For some reason I won't be buying Chunky Soup for awhile.”

think, instead of barf bags, they should just put in McDonald's Happy
Meal boxes. Then you can carry your spew off the plane and give it to
the next homeless person you see. They will be getting a free hot
lunch…. and a toy surprise!

I have even money that it won't be
too long until we start seeing life insurance ads on the flotation
devices located under our seats.

Then, how about ads on our vehicle airbags?

dunno, I saw this truck flip in front of me and before I could avoid
it, the sudden urge to buy Depends at Wal-Mart smacked me in the face.”

How about advertising on the foreheads of our… I mean your… blow-up dolls?

“Need to fill that other hole in your life?”


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