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Comic Book Guy, Is That You?

From Craigslist:

I am seeking a level 42 or above rogue, druid, and sorceress to help
me assault the fortress of Mordria, and for hot kinky sex. I am the
sole holder of the Axe of Fragyholt and am a level 72 Paladin equipped
with Def+ 52 plate mail. I also have a really big penis. I can cast
Magic Missile, Icebolt, and am a fairly skilled at cunnilingus. Indeed,
Orcs and Goblins are no match for me, not unlike your unsuspecting
genitalia, which shall recieve a thrashing, the likes of which have been
only whispered in hushed voice in times of darkness. I have a lot of
experience, both with annihilating ogres, and the finer points of
pleasuring fair maidens, and like to be beaten with wet towels. I live
at home with Mother, and you will have to sneak in through the basement
window. This partnership boasts many advantages, such as an unlimited
supply of Cheetos and Mountain Dew, and hot, steamy, hanky-panky with my
massive member. Comic book lovers a plus.



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