The Monster That Challenged The World (1957)

Continuing our 1st annual 50’s Sci-Fi Summer Trailerganza:

The monsters is this flick don’t really challenge the world. The scene at the end of the trailer where the monster is bigger than skyscrapers? Completely bogus – it never even happens in the movie (trailers sometimes lie). But the mollusks (yes, mollusks) do cause trouble for scientists in California when they rise from the Salton Sea, unearthed by an earthquake.

I’ve always loved this movie. There’s a genuinely tense scene with a mother and child trapped by one of the creatures inside a lab. Also: Hans Conried!



The 1st Annual 50’s Sci-Fi Summer Trailerganza

As a huge fan of 50’s sci-fi films – honestly, I’d rather watch The Monolith Monsters than Avatar – I’ve come up with a theme for the posts I’m going to do this summer, a Sci-Fi Summer Trailerganza (I was going to call it “Trailerpalooza” but apparently that’s already a thing). Each week I’ll post the trailer for a sci-fi/monster movie from the 50’s along with comments and trivia about the film and links to where you can either watch it or buy it.

First up? Well, it has to be The Day the Earth Stood Still, since that’s where the title for this very site came from.

You can buy it here and learn some trivia about it at Wikipedia (fun fact: Gort the robot was played by 7 foot 1 inch Lock Martin, an usher at Grauman’s Chinese Theater). Also: avoid the Keanu Reeves remake.

“Bedtime Stories”


I can relate to this Bruce Eric Kaplan cover. I mean, I sleep alone and those ceilings are much higher than mine, but I can relate to all of those books on the nightstand. (This could be an ad for the Kindle.)

You could fit a Macy’s Parade float through that window.