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ABC Promo: 1981 (“You and Me”)

This is being shared around the web so I thought I would too, because it’s fantastic. Tom Hanks! Cathy Lee Crosby! Burgess Meredith! Hal Linden! Joyce DeWitt! That guy from that show!

They don’t make promos like that anymore. Wouldn’t it be great to see a network do that today? Gayle King and Lesley Stahl singing and dancing for CBS! Or maybe Brian Cox and and Larry David for HBO! (And bring back Battle of the Networks while we’re at it).

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Nero Wolfe – 1959 pilot

The Nero Wolfe books by Rex Stout are quite good, even if people don’t really talk about them that much these days. Here’s the 1959 pilot for a Nero Wolfe series, starring Kurt Kasznar as Wolfe and William Shatner as Archie Goodwin. It didn’t sell but it’s pretty good!

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After a brief hiatus, I’m bringing back Professor Barnhardt’s Journal.

I started this blog/magzine back in 2002, and while 20 years is a good run for anything these days, I still think there’s a place for it. There are a lot of things I post here that just don’t quite fit over at my personal site – interviews, music, random links to things I’ve found, various this and that – that it’s great to have this site too.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while and have missed it, thank you and hello again! If this is your first time here, welcome. Please bookmark the site and tell others about it. You can also sign up over on the right to get an email every time I have a new post.

So … where was I before I was interrupted?